JAMB was created as the brainchild of six diverse individuals working in architecture who were brought together by the AIA Practice Innovation Lab in October 2017. The Practice Innovation Lab was a think tank/summit hosted by the AIA Young Architects Forum that challenged 10 teams of 6 to explore and cultivate innovative business models for the future practice of architecture. The team’s collaborative energy led to the design of a business model that earned the “People’s Choice Award” at the culmination of the event.

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The following summer, JAMB won the 2018 Charrette Venture Group Business Plan Competition:

"JAMB’s proposal democratizes access to networks and resources that have, historically, limited the reach of individuals and smaller practices…This is precisely the kind of ambition and innovation we should be rewarding and cultivating in our profession.”

- Eric Reinholdt

Over the past six months the team has conducted interviews with over 25 small firms and potential JAMB members. We have formed connections with potential strategic partners and resource contributors, including experts on business development for architecture firms, graphic design collateral, and rapid prototyping services.

This spring the team launched a Call for Applications to identify firms that are interested in becoming early adopters for a beta test we will run the second half of this year. The pieces are in place, and the co-founders plan to spend the rest of 2019 building the network with a curated group of firms from around the country. Having been founded across 5 cities in 4 states, the JAMB network now extends from coast to coast and our members are located in 12 cities throughout 8 states.


JAMB at founding

5 Cities + 4 States


JAMB Network today

12 Cities + 8 States